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pplication Criteria
What are the application criteria?
The application is made in the law firm’s name. The criteria relate to the attorney (sole practitioner).

The applicant must:
  • be an admitted attorney;
  • be without own funds / assets to finance the law firm’s operational needs;
  • provide a business plan, marketing plan and cash flow statement;
  • have the capacity to become an efficient and proficient attorney;
  • learn how to establish and run a successful business;
  • conduct a sustainable practice;
  • be willing to be mentored and trained further and monitored continuously;
  • recognise and accept his/her responsibility to repay the full amount;
  • be within acceptable margins as a business risk. If an applicant has a poor credit bureau record, this will negatively affect his/her chance of receiving the ADF support;
  • be in good standing with his/her statutory, provincial law society.
  • have registered for, or be exempted from, or have undertaken to enrol for the mandatory Practice Management Training.
  1. The applicant must note that no direct cash requests will be considered.
  2. The ADF reserves the right to request additional information and/or details about any information provided.
How does the application process work?
Before any assistance is provided, the ADF’s Applications Committee reviews and evaluates the law firm’s application. This assessment is performed as part of a due diligence exercise to ensure that the law firm has the potential to grow into a successful business and sustainable practice.

How to apply?
Complete the application form and send it to applications@adfonline.org.za together with the following supporting documents:
  1. Certified ID Copy;
  2. Certified copies of qualifications;
  3. Certified copy of admission certificate;
  4. Certified copy of Fidelity Fund Certificate;
  5. Business Plan;
  6. Projected Budget and Cash Flow Statements for 12 months; and
  7. A list of items required.